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National Cadet Corps [NCC]

National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth – ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow‘ – into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

Parades will be conducted on Saturdays and general holidays for the enrolled cadets, not disturbing the academics of the students. During the parade time various activities like drill, weapon training and theory classes on military subjects will be conducted to the students.

NCC has undoubtedly stood as the foremost club in SSCASC that fosters the overall development of each of its cadet in every field one can name-be it sports, academics, cultural activities or adventure activities. The humble growth of NCC in SSCASC  from just a club that lacked luster to a group that brought glory to the institution and pride in each and every person belonging to the institution. NCC is proud of its cadets who carry with them –an iron hand and a strong heart, who have been trained to come out when there is a need to take up responsibility.

NCC SSCASC comes under 4 Karnataka NCC. Apart from the conventional activities like drill, weapon training and theory classes on military subjects in which the cadets show profound excellence. We also excel in the activities conducted in camps like National integration camp, CATC, Basic Leadership Camp, the most awaited trekking expeditions, by showing a tremendous level of endurance and grit. We form an integral part of celebrating nationally important days like INDEPENDENCE DAY and REPUBLIC DAY in college and perform high quality guard of honour at important ceremonies held in the college. NCC instills in the cadets a deep sense of social service and service to fellow countrymen.

  • 3/4 and 7/4 coys with intake 300
  • B & C certificates Camps done
  • RD, CATC, TSC ,Rifle Shooting, Trekking / expeditions, etc


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