Composition of IQAC

Sl no.  Category Name of the Members
Chairperson Dr. H. P. Veerabhadra Swamy
IQAC Coordinator Sri.C.S.Somashekaraiah
NAAC Coordinator Sri. Anil Kumar.M
1. Curricular Aspects Smt.Sarvamangala.H.G
2 Teaching, Learning & Evaluation Sri.Basavesh.B
3 Research, Innovation & Extension Dr.Shylesh.B.S
4 Infrastructure & Learning Resources Sri.Mohan Kumar.D.R
5 Student Support and Progression Geethanjali.K.S
6 Governance, Leadership and Management Sri.Rudramuni.S.V
7 Institutional Values and  Best Practices Smt.Padmaja.Y.M