Scholarships & Loans


  • Degree University Merit Scholarship and P G University Merit Scholarship
  • The BPHFC Scholarships of the Education Department of Government of India for blind / physically disabled students
  • District Merit Scholarship (Top grades in SSLC – to be renewed every year)
  • State Merit Scholarship
  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Central Sector Scholarship
  • Muslim Girls’ Scholarship
  • Merit cum Means Scholarship
  • Single Girl Child Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarships and prizes instituted by well-wishers and benefactors of the college
  • CV Raman scholarship
  • Sanchi Honamma scholarship
  • Vidya Siri Scholarship
  • Govt. of India (GOI) Scholarship
  • SC / ST Post-metric Scholarship
  • Metric Scholarship
  • Minority Loan Scholarship
  • Fee Concession
  • SC/ST Scholarship
  • OBC Merit Scholarship

Note: For information on scholarships: Newspaper, College notice board and website:

  • http://www.scholarships.gov.in
  • http://www.backwardclasses.kar.nic.in
  • https://scholarships.gov.in

**Students other than SC / ST can avail only one scholarship .

Government Scholarship 2018-2023

Govt. 18-19(1)

Govt. 19-20

Govt. 20-21

Govt. 21-22

Govt. 22-23

Alumni Scholarship 2018-2023

Alumni Scholarship18-19 Alumni Scholarship19-20 Alumni Scholarship20-21 Alumni Scholarship21-22 Alumni Scholarship22-23

Endowment (Datti Vidyarthi Nidi Scholarship)




Educational loans will be provided for minorities