Attendance and Absence

  • Attendance will be taken every hour.
  • Attendance, as stipulated by the University, is mandatory for all students, to appear for the end semester examination
  • Minimum attendance requisition for each course: 75%

Benefits of attendance:

  • To attend the approved activities of college with prior concurrence of the Principal.
  • Participation / attendance certificate in curricular/extracurricular activities to be produced
  • In case of continuous absence without informing the authorities for more than 14 working days, name will be removed from the rolls. Admission to repeat courses will be within the sanctioned strength.
  • Students who have suffered serious health problems, on production of a medical certificate issued by a physician not below the rank of a Civil Surgeon in Government service, as soon as possible may be permitted to repeat the course considering her SGPA/CGPA and percentage of attendance.
  • Absence of a student on any day shall be with prior intimation to the Proctor.
  • Absence for any internal examination or continual assessment conducted by faculty in class may be detrimental to the overall performance and results. No reexamination will be conducted for students absent for internal examinations.
  • Misbehavior in class or campus will be severely punished. The nature of punishment will depend upon the severity of the offence and will be decided by the Principal