Students Support Committees

Women Empowerment Cell

In our college women empowerment cell “Abhimukhi” came into existence when Boys College transformed into Co-education College in the year 2006-07. We are celebrating International women’s day by organizing different lectures, competitions and trainings.

Women empowerment cell and from then by organizing different programmes to encourage women students to participate in which helps them to cultivate self confidence and self esteem. Our aim is to improve overall development of women in the society.

We organized 8 days innovative program for our girls students called “self defense training’

International women’s day was celebrated by women empowerment cell “Abhimukhi”

“Each time a women stands up for herself she stands up for all women”.

This Cell Deals with Spreading Knowledge and Awareness of:

  • Constitutional and Legal Rights of Women
  • Legal Entitlements of Women

Smt.Madhu S Kumar
Convenor, Women Empowerment Cell.